What makes a Fuzzworthy Father

What Makes a Father Fuzzworthy

What do Wes Bentley, Chewbacca, Wil Wheaton and Frank Beard from ZZ Top have in common?

They all have body hair that’s so amazing, so wonderfully tangled and bushy, so damn thick or so impeccably styled that it’s made them a legend in the world of grooming for friend and foe alike. Also, each of them is a father who is likely awaiting the worship and accolades that (should rightfully) arrive each Father’s Day. And you came to the right place because our mission at Cooper & Kid is to support hirsute dads and all their hairy features during this Fuzzworthy Father’s Day!

We want to see some out-of-this-world body hair! We’re looking for bushy black neck beards, tumbleweeds clogging a nose, a thorn bush tangled in someone’s ear, creatively styled stashes, biblically sculpted beards – even the Velcro hair on the back of a knee!

Aside from the personal glory of owning the most monumental wall of body hair since man discovered the razor, contestants can compete for the following prizes:

  • Golden Mane: 2 years of Cooper Kits + a gold medal
  • Silverback: 1 year of Cooper Kits + a silver medal
  • Bronzed Blonde: 1 free Cooper Kit + a bronze medal

Good luck to all entrants – may your hair grow dark, curly and coarse. And have Happy Father’s Day from Cooper & Kid!